Some facts about the village of Nam Cang

Nam Cang commune is the most remote region of Sapa district, situated 36 km from Sapa town. The village is inhabited by the Red Dao & Black Hmong minority people. The commune includes 267 households with round 1,578 persons. Before year 2000, nearly 80% of households were in hunger and poverty and over 70% of the population were illiterate, but due to a local development plan the and investments in education and farming the population is now living under much better conditions however still poor.

As part of the development strategy the growth of cardamom was initially a pilot project in two households in the commune. But as the result with high economic outcome quickly change the numbers of farmers. Now, Nam Cang farmers grow around 600 hectares of cardamom deep in the forest with an important income in return. But still the biggest croup is rice, whish is somehow the foundation of all livelihood in the mountainous area.

During your stay you are welcome to participate in daily traditional activities of Nam Cang people: rice planting or harvesting, fishing, archery, silver smith, bamboo paper making.